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Meet WhiteFlo on-premises software solution

  • Swift launch out of the box

    Ready for implementation - start using it in a week

  • Access to the source code

    You have unlimited access to the source code, the software is hosted on your servers

  • Safety

    Safe - we have thought out all security questions

  • Customization

    Our team is at your service for any customizations and integrations

  • Constant support

    Don’t asks for technical team - we provide constant support

  • No hidden fees

    Straight-forward setup fee. No hidden fees, no restrictions

4-in-1 Software Product

  • Crypto Processing for PSPs and EMIs

    Add cryptocurrency operations for your fiat users via API 

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  • Instant Crypto Exchange and Business Wallet

    For receiving, storing, exchanging and sending

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  • Fiat-to-Crypto Transactions Gateway

    Instant cryptocurrency selling by Visa/MC 

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  • Solution for Crypto Payment Service Providers

    Allow your merchants to accept crypto payments

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Accelerating Business Growth

  • Fast delivery

    Get your software up and running in just 1 month

  • On-premises installation

    Experience the freedom of running the software on your own servers

  • Customizable code

    Modify the code to fit your specific needs and requirements

  • Expert customization support

    Get support from our team for any customization you need

  • Scalable solutions

    Scale the software to meet your growing business demands

  • White-Label Benefits

    Stay Ahead of the Competition with Early Market Entry

Why WhiteFlo

  • Faster and cheaper than other options

  • Open code, freedom to change technical partner

  • Professional team to implement any features on demand


  •  “Buy crypto with MC/Visa card” prototype

     Operations with Bitcoin blockchain

     Crypto acquiring functionality developed and tested

     Deposits functionality developed

     3rd party KYC integration

  •  User Balances and Exchange functionality added

     B2B API functionality added

     Added cryptocurrencies ETH, USDT (erc-20), USDT (trc-20)

     Integration with Binance for instant Exchange and Withdrawals functionality

    User area UI v2 development

  • Roles management


    Business wallet users P2P transactions

    KYT integration

    New cryptocurrencies integration

    Multisig/MPC and custody services development

    Staking development

    Business wallet mobile apps

    Advanced reporting

    New cryptocurrencies integration

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Additional services via our partners

  • EMI/Crypto licences

  • Legal support

  • Assistance in opening of bank accounts

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