Instant Crypto Exchange and Business Wallet Software

Allow your customers

receive, store, exchange and send payments in crypto and fiat

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Meet WhiteFlo on-premises software
  • Swift launch out of the box

    Ready for implementation - start using it in a week

  • No need to build your own tech team

    We provide a prompt and professional support

  • Safety

    Safe - we have thought out all security questions

  • Access to the source code

    You have unlimited access to the source code, the software is hosted on your servers

  • Customization

    Our team is at your service for any customizations and integrations

  • No hidden fees

    Straight-forward setup fee. No hidden fees, no restrictions

User Friendly Customer Dashboard
  • Registration and KYC process
  • Deposits

    Deposit crypto to user’s account. Blockchain address generation for incoming funds

    Top up user’s account with fiat by Visa/MC or wire transfer

  • Make instant exchange

    Exchange: fiat->crypto, crypto->crypto, crypto->fiat

    Extended commission rates management

    No currency rate risk: integrated with Binance, you can make instant deals on the spot market covering user’s requests for exchange

  • Make withdrawals

    Crypto withdrawals to user’s private wallet. Directly from your hot wallet, or automatically from Binance account (confirmation in Binance account is required)

    Request for fiat (SEPA/SWIFT) withdrawals

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Supported currencies
  • Crypto currencies

    BTC, ETH, USDC, USDT (Ethereum), USDT (Tron). 

  • Fiat currencies

    USD, EUR. Connection of other fiat currencies is made on request in a day.

  • Adding new cryptocurrencies for exchange and withdrawal

    On request, during the day. Connecting cryptocurrencies to accept deposits depends on the blockchain (ERC-20 tokens are connected in a day, currencies on their own blockchains may take longer). 

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Why WhiteFlo
  • Faster and cheaper than other options

  • Open code, freedom to change technical partner

  • Professional team to implement any features on demand

Cooperation model and costs
  • Fixed price setup. Includes:

    Installation of software on your server

    Configuration of integrated 3rd party services

    Documentation and instructions for your internal technical team (if any)

    Licence allows you to make modifications to source code

  • Hourly rate for customization and support on demand:

    Integration of new 3rd party services

    New features development

    Technical support, customization and tweaks 

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  • “Buy crypto with MC/Visa card” prototype

    Operations with Bitcoin blockchain

    Crypto acquiring functionality developed and tested

    Deposits functionality developed

    3rd party KYC integration

  •  User Balances and Exchange functionality added

     B2B API functionality added

     Added cryptocurrencies ETH, USDT (erc-20), USDT (trc-20)

     Integration with Binance for instant Exchange and Withdrawals functionality

    User area UI v2 development

  • – Web app new user interface

    – integration

    – Metamask integration for deposits

    – Multisig/MPC and custody services development

    – Roles management

    – KYT integration

    – Mass payouts 

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Additional services via our partners
  • EMI/Crypto licences

  • Legal support

  • Assistance in opening of bank accounts

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Which businesses are suitable for Instant Crypto Exchange and Business Wallet Software?

This module is suitable for businesses that provide deposit, custodial storage, exchange and withdrawal services for cryptocurrencies to their business clients. In their account, clients can go through KYC procedures, deposit and withdraw crypto and fiat, convert cryptocurrencies, as well as buy and sell (i.e. exchange) cryptocurrencies for fiat, via VISA/MasterCard cards or bank transfer. Important note: the module does not have a system for matching user buy and sell orders. This is a centralised service in which the client buys and sells assets from your site.

Does WhiteFlo offer exchange software?

There is no system for matching buy and sell orders in WhiteFlo. One of the WhiteFlo modules is designed to provide an instant exchange for users. But this module is NOT a CEX and therefore does not offer an order matching system, market making, spot trading and other standard CEX features.

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