Launcing your own crypto payment business

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What is a crypto payment gateway?

Crypto payment gateway is a system that allows you to receive, change, store and send payments in cryptocurrency. In order to receive payments in cryptocurrency, a business needs a technical system for processing crypto payments and a license allowing such activity. WhiteFlo offers its clients a technical solution for the operation of a crypto payment gateway business.

How can I launch a crypto payment gateway business?

If you want to launch your own cryptocurrency payment gateway for your existing clients in your core business, or start a cryptocurrency processing service business from zero, you will need a technical solution. WhiteFlo supports several functional modules that satisfy the requirements of various businesses interested in implementing a service related to crypto processing. Launching your own WhiteFlo-based crypto payment processing gateway will take from 2 weeks.

How do I create a crypto payment gateway?

First of all, you need to understand that the launch of such a business can be divided into two conditional parts. Technical part and operational. The technical part involves the software on which your business will run. WhiteFlo is a technical solution to ensure the operation of your own crypto payment gateway. By purchasing our solution, you will save a lot of time and will have a technically ready product within 2-4 weeks.

The operational part of the business includes registering a company, obtaining a crypto license and opening bank accounts for fiat transactions - these services can be provided by WhiteFlo partners (contact us for details). Also you need to pay attention to customer service staff, liquidity for the conversion operations, compliance and security policies and other activities necessary to conduct daily business.

How do you set up a WhiteFlo crypto payment gateway?

Setting up the environment and installing the system or individual WhiteFlo modules is done by the WhiteFlo product development team on your servers and the cost of this work is included in a fixed one-time payment.

What else needs to be done to run the software?

  • Buy Servers on Amazon Web Services.
  • Implement improvements if needed.
  • Buy a domain, connect an email provider.
  • Open an account with a KYC provider, in case you do not want to deal with the KYC procedure yourself.
  • Open Accounts on the exchange/s to get live rates and create reverse orders.
  • Open an account with a card payment provider if you intend to process cards.

I want to open a crypto processing business, how much money do I need to ensure it?

To ensure the operation of the crypto processing system, you need to have some liquidity to ensure your transactions. Please note that interacting with psp and banks you will not have instant access to funds (settlement time might be from 2 days to several weeks, depending on the provider) and if a transaction with your client involves instant processing, you will have to secure this transaction from your funds. As for cryptocurrencies, you might have the reserves on your cold wallet or connect accounts on the exchange to provide access to assets.

For Crypto Payment Service Providers

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Which businesses can benefit from the Crypto Payment Service Providers module?

This module is designed for businesses that want to offer their customers (merchants) cryptocurrency payment services. This solution includes a merchant account for managing funds, as well as a widget for merchants' online stores that allows buyers to pay for goods or services using cryptocurrency.

Instant Crypto Exchange and Business Wallet

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Which businesses are suitable for Instant Crypto Exchange and Business Wallet Software?

This module is suitable for businesses that provide deposit, custodial storage, exchange and withdrawal services for cryptocurrencies to their business clients. In their account, clients can go through KYC procedures, deposit and withdraw crypto and fiat, convert cryptocurrencies, as well as buy and sell (i.e. exchange) cryptocurrencies for fiat, via VISA/MasterCard cards or bank transfer. Important note: the module does not have a system for matching user buy and sell orders. This is a centralised service in which the client buys and sells assets from your site.

Is WhiteFlo exchange software?

There is no system for matching buy and sell orders in WhiteFlo. One of the WhiteFlo modules is designed to provide an instant exchange for users. But this module is NOT a CEX and therefore does not offer an order matching system, market making, spot trading and other standard CEX features.

Crypto Processing via API

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Which businesses is the Processing module suitable for?

This module is suitable for businesses that provide financial services to their clients and already have their own user interface. It provides an API that allows interaction between the user interface and the WhiteFlo backend, allowing cryptocurrency transactions to be made in your interface. This is ideal for neo-banks, Payment Service Providers (PSPs), Electronic Money Institutions (EMIs), or any other business that wants to add crypto transactions to their fiat services.

Fiat-to-Crypto Transactions Software

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What kind of businesses is Fiat-to-Crypto Transactions Software suitable for?

This module is suitable for businesses that want to offer their customers the opportunity to buy cryptocurrency with a VISA/MasterCard card payment. Unlike the business wallet functionality, when the cryptocurrency remains on the client’s balance in the system, in this case the purchased cryptocurrency is sent directly to the client’s external wallet, which is not connected to your platform in any way. The interface for card payment can be provided both as a page on the platform and as a widget on the merchant's website. Can be applied in a wide range of business cases.

What is a fiat-to-crypto transactions gateway?

WhiteFlo provides a module for purchasing crypto with Visa/Mastercard card payments. To ensure the operation of this module, you will need to sign an agreement with the card processing gateway. After integration with card processing, you will be able to accept crypto purchases through card payments and send the purchased cryptocurrency to the buyer's personal wallets.

Technical aspects

Stack and Development

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What languages WhiteFlo work on?

Technological stack:

  • PHP 7.4
  • MariaDB10/MySQL8
  • Redis 7
  • Symfony framework 5
  • Sonata admin 4
  • Vue.js 3
  • Docker

Integration with blockchains through the API of block explorers and Infura. 

For deployment, we use AWS and Terraform to create the website, and Gitlab CI to assemble the project in docker images and run automatic tests. We also use blue/green deployment

Modifications and improvements of the platform

WhiteFlo is developed by AXIOMA, an agency focused on the development of on-chain and off-chain blockchain solutions. For improvement of the platform, you can contact AXIOMA. In addition, the license does not prohibit you from modifying the system by your own team or third-party developers. AXIOMA guarantees the stability and reliability of the system and provides comprehensive support in the event of any difficulties.

Can WhiteFlo be used to develop your own unique product?

WhiteFlo, created by AXIOMA, was designed to be a universal crypto platform that could be adapted for various use cases. As the platform continues to develop, the codebase is being fine-tuned to meet the requirements of its diverse users. With a comprehensive database and a range of functionalities already in place, WhiteFlo can simplify and speed up the launch of your unique product, helping you to gain a competitive edge.


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What integrations are required to launch your business based on the WhiteFlo system?

  • First of all, you need to think about the KYC procedure. You have two options: to process it yourself or to connect a third-party solution. WhiteFlo already has integration with KYC provider Sum&Substance. Any other KYC provider can be integrated into the WhiteFlo system on request.
  • Card processing provider. If you want to accept card payments as part of your solution, you need to consider who will process them. WhiteFlo already has a number of integrations with card payment gateways, at your request we can integrate with any provider that has an API.
  • You will need the source to get live rates. WhiteFlo integrates with Bitfinex , Binance, and Kraken. If you want to choose another source to get live rates, additional integration is possible.
  • Last but not least, you will need to integrate with one (or several) of the CEXes. This is necessary to process buy/sell operations on the spot market and automatization of withdrawals. WhiteFlo is integrated with Binance by default.

Which cryptocurrencies are integrated in WhiteFlo?

At the moment, BTC, ETH, USDC, USDT (Ethereum), USDT (Tron) and TRX are integrated into the WhiteFlo system. We are constantly updating the list of integrated currencies. If you need a cryptocurrency that is not covered by the WhiteFlo roadmap, our development team can integrate it upon your request. For currencies that work on the Ethereum blockchain it might take up to 1 week. The term for adding currencies on other blockchains depends on their specifics.

Which fiat currency is integrated within WhiteFlo?

At the moment, USD and EUR are integrated into the WhiteFlo system. Any other fiat currency might be implemented during the setup process, given that there is a source of live conversion rates available.

Is there an API in WhiteFlo?

WhiteFlo has 2 APIs:

  • API for merchants
  • Processing API

Warranty and Security

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What guarantees does WhiteFlo provide to its customers for the code?

WhiteFlo is built using the highest standards of quality code. In the unlikely event of errors appearing, we guarantee free bug correction within 3 months from the date of delivery in the amount of 40 hours.

Technical support is provided during extended business hours in the CET time zone.

Security policy

We strongly suggest to all our customers to conduct an independent security audit after the deployment of WhiteFlo software on the production server. This audit is an important addition to comprehensive security checks that are an essential part of security policy used in the development process of the WhiteFlo product.

Costs and Delivery


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What is the form of software delivery for WhiteFlo?

WhiteFlo is an on-premises software solution that is provided with an almost unlimited license for a one-time payment upon purchase. You get the software on your servers and have access to the source code, giving you the ability to modify it either by us or third parties.

What can I do with the purchased software, are there any restrictions?

You have the right to modify the system on your own or by us, the WhiteFlo code is open. The only restriction imposed by the license is a ban on the resale of software.


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How much does WhiteFlo cost, and what is the pricing structure?

WhiteFlo is offered as a fixed one-time payment when installing the solution on client servers. This payment grants the client full ownership of the software with no additional monthly payments or “revenue share” required. New integrations, deep customization of the product to the client's specific requirements, and fine-tuning are subject to additional payments on an hourly basis.

What additional costs associated with the operation of the software to expect?

WhiteFlo does not charge any fees other than a one-time fee for configuring and installing the system on servers.

A server infrastructure is required to run WhiteFlo. We suggest using AWS (if you use another hosting provider, an additional installation fee may apply). Keep in mind that the cost of a server solution will start from 200-1000 USD per month with minimal loads.

You also need to take into account legal costs, buying a domain name, paying service providers such as KYC, card payment providers or email providers.


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What do you get when you buy WhiteFlo?

Upon purchase, the client receives the following:

  • The platform code that will be installed on the client's servers
  • Documentation and training of the customer's team
  • Free basic customization of the interface, including the logo and brand colors
  • Warranty on any bugs found
  • Ongoing support and improvements (subject to separate agreement).

WhiteFlo does not provide KYC procedure, licensing, liquidity, card payments, infrastructure and domain.

Will I get all the modules by purchasing one of them?

Yes, the package includes the product with all modules. However, if you do not need some functionality, we will not configure it during the setup process on your servers, and you can return to it later, if necessary. The code for these modules will be at your disposal.

How fast can WhiteFlo be up and running?

Launching WhiteFlo without modifications requires at least 2 weeks of work on our side with all the necessary accounts for integrations and the provided server.

Will I get new features from the roadmap if I buy WhiteFlo?

Yes, we update the product for all customers when new features appear. In general, you will receive new features for free, however, delivery work, i.e. updating your current version, will be paid according to the time & material model. NB: For some big updates special payment conditions might be applied.

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