Fully developed software solution to launch own crypto processing for your customers
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API for a fiat PSP or a neobanks
  • Top-up user’s account with crypto
  • By depositing crypto from user’s private wallet
  • By purchasing crypto with Visa/MC payment
  • Make instant exchange, fiat->crypto, crypto->crypto, crypto->fiat
  • Make withdrawals of crypto to private wallets
  • Registration, authentication

    ☑️ Two-factor authentication

    ☑️ KYC via Sumsub and linking limits to its level

  • Cryptocurrency purchase (without replenishing the client's balance)

    ☑️ Card payment (visa/mastercard)

    ☑️ Payment to the own client's personal wallet

  • Deposits (top up client's balance):

    ☑️ fiat: card payment, bank transfer

    ☑️ crypto: blockchain address generation

  • Exchange within the client's area:

    ☑️ Fiat to crypto, crypto to fiat, crypto to crypto

    ☑️ According to exchange rate plus platform fee

    ☑️ When the client confirms, an market order is automatically created on the connected exchange.

  • Withdrawals:

    ☑️ Fiat withdrawal, SEPA payment

    ☑️ Crypto withdrawal to the client's wallet

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  • Deposits, Conversion, Withdrawal:

    BTC, ETH, USDC, USDT (Ethereum), USDT (Tron). 

  • Adding new cryptocurrencies for exchange and withdrawal is made on request, during the day. Connecting cryptocurrencies to accept deposits depends on the blockchain (ERC-20 tokens are connected during the day, currencies on their own blockchains may take longer). 

  • Fiat currencies:

    USD, EUR. Connection of other fiat currencies is made on request, during the day.

  • Crypto Processing via API

    You are PSP or Neobank that wants to provide your users option to operate with crypto.

  • Instant Crypto Exchange

    You want to provide the service selling and exchange of crypto to end users.

  • Crypto Acquiring

    You have merchants that wants to sell their product for crypto.

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About WhiteFlo

WhiteFlo is a product made with deep understanding of blockchain technologies and financial markets. It’s aimed to respond on the demand for a quality, effective solutions for operations with crypto on the growing international market.


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