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Our approach

We maintain high standards of service and offer high quality products and services to all of our customers. We are searching for potential partners to collaborate with us in order to provide customers with more services and the best solutions on the market.

Our goal is to create meaningful, long-term relationships with our partners in order to better meet customers' needs. We are open to discussing various options and look forward to learning how our solution can help to serve customers better.

Partnerships framework tailored for 
  • KYC/Compliance
  • Legal service providers
  • Fintech integrators
  • Banking software developers
  • KYC software developers
  • PSP software developers
  • POS integrators
Why WhiteFlo
  • Faster and cheaper than other options

  • Open code, freedom to change technical partner

  • Professional team to implement any features on demand

Our 4 in 1 product
  • Crypto Processing for PSPs and EMIs

    Allow add cryptocurrency operations via API 

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  • Instant Crypto Exchange and Business Wallet

    For companies that wants to provide the service of receiving, storing, exchanging and sending crypto

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  • Fiat-to-Crypto Transactions Gateway

    Instant cryptocurrency selling by Visa/MC 

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  • Solution for Crypto Payment Service Providers

    Allow your customer's merchants to accept crypto payments

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Who are our customers

Our customers are businesses that work with gambling, trading, and fintech companies, and are interested in scaling up their operations by staring operations with crypto:

  • High risk
  • Payment processors
  • Electronic Money Institutions
  • Neobanks
  • Instant exchanges
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